Trying A New Vintage Lens: Soligor 135mm f/2.8

Last Sunday I went to Leederville’s photo market, a bi-annually event which gathered numerous photo equipment sellers and enthusiasts in the same room. It was my second time attending this event and never left empty-handed so far. The first time being in this event I bought a Nikon 35-mm format film camera along with its native Nikon Series-E 50mm f/2.8 lens which I satisfyingly used ever since.

It is a really exciting experience to use vintage lenses in a mirrorless system. All you need are just a proper (and often cheap) lens adapter and a focus system to assist the manual focusing. It produces an overall good quality of photos with an excellent and handy lens built and more interestingly it feels awesomely great to slide the manual focus and aperture ring to find the focus of your object (yeah, it makes you feel like a real pro!).

I bought a Soligor 135-mm f/2.8 telelens from this event for only AUD 20. It’s an M42 mount lens which works perfectly with my M42-FX adapter. It performs really well so far, producing pretty sharp edge and mild bokeh character at a wide-open aperture. I brought this lens with me to capture several pictures during Chamber Concert at the Perth International Art Festival as well as some shots of seagulls in Elizabeth Quay during twilight. I’m still trying to explore more and make the most of this lens, especially for bird and wildlife photography.


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