Metaphysical Universe in ‘1Q84’ (Haruki Murakami)

1Q84 was quite a challenging read for me, it consists of 3 books in one edition with a total of more than 1300 pages. It was also one of Haruki Murakami‘s work that I very anticipated, considering its surrealistic theme and its thickness.

The book tells the story of two protagonists: Aomame and Tengo. Masami Aomame is a fitness and martial arts instructor who also has a distinguish ability of acupuncture and somehow may use her ability to ‘eliminate’ abusive criminals, sends them to the other side of the world. Meanwhile Tengo Kawana is a mathematics teacher and judo prodigy who likes writing fictions.

Their fates are closely intertwined in a different world that they used to know. At the year of 1984, in this world of 1Q84 – as Aomame would recall (‘Q’ for ‘question’) or “the cat town” – as Tengo would recall, there are two moons in the sky. In this parallel metaphysical world, the descriptions in the book ‘Air Chrysalis’ – a fantasy book written by Tengo and Fuka-Eri (pen name of Eriko Fukada, a mysterious dyslexic yet clever student girl) becomes reality from time to time. Aomame and Tengo, separately have to decipher their own enigmatic life in this world of loneliness and strangeness before meet each other to move back to their normal world.

Murakami describes every characters, places, thoughts, and situations so deeply and vividly readers are just like sunk into his magical realism world. He really has a grand picture of his work that he moves his characters freely without a haste, carefully depict their character’s emotions, actions, and connections with an in-depth description. He is also use wonderful metaphorical expressions in every paragraphs of this fiction. This is really a good reading for those who admire metaphysical existence and lonely yet strong characters.

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8 thoughts on “Metaphysical Universe in ‘1Q84’ (Haruki Murakami)

  1. Indeed, it is.. Even though it has lengthy prose, it was really a page-turner you’re just like being drawn into his surrealistic world.

    Thanks a lot for visiting and leaving comment.. 🙂


  2. Well, I was unconvinced myself to finish this hefty read at first. But after the first few pages, I couldn’t stop reading it. I just don’t know why I was so drawn in this magical realism work, though I am a big fan of realism. Maybe because Murakami is the master of creating nuances which I found really interesting.

    This review is just awful compared to yours. I should learn how to create great reviews like you did.. 🙂


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