Kaleidoscope 2014: My Favorite Books


2014 has already passed and for me, it is one of the most productive period in my reading history. From only 22 books that I targeted to finish, there are a total 66 books I read in 2014 – or 300 percent from the target.

The reading themes were also varied from fiction to non-fiction, novel to biography, historical fiction to self-development, legal thriller to dystopian fiction, as well as modern and classic literature.

Among those books, here are my favorite books I read in 2014.

#1 – 1Q84 (Haruki Murakami)

This is one of the most challenging books I’ve ever read. Well, of course it’s not easy to read a total of more than 1300 pages with the theme of magical realism (it’s Murakami’s after all). So, this is the most anticipated book I read in 2014 and I found this novel really gripping and mind-bending. Very recommended for all Murakami lovers.

#2 – House of Glass (Pramoedya Ananta Toer)

“House of Glass” is the fourth book of ‘The Buru Quartet’ written by a Nobel-candidate from Indonesia, Pramoedya Ananta Toer. The quartet generally tells the story of Minke, an extra-ordinary Javanese aristocratic student who actively involved in early-Indonesian press movement against the colonial Dutch-Indies government. With a great historical research, Pramoedya will bring you to the Dutch-Indies in early 20th century, the Indonesia’s national awakening period.

#3 – How To Have A Beautiful Mind (Edward de Bono)

At a glance, the title will remind you of an award-winning movie entitled ‘A Beautiful Mind’ which tell the story of a Nobel-laureate mathematics genius, John Nash. But it has a totally different idea from that movie, this book contains practical and philosophical ideas to have a beautiful mind in order to be a more attractive person. Dr. de Bono’s vast experience as a psychologist will give you many insights.

#4 – The Litigators (John Grisham)

A masterpiece from the legal thriller master, John Grisham. David Zinc, a young and visionary attorney suddenly resign from a mega firm and walk away from big salary to join a “boutique firm” Finley & Figg which mainly handle litigation against big companies.

It really has a gripping plot and exciting dialogues.

#5 – Report From The Interior (Paul Auster)

For the second time after “Winter Journal”, Auster is back with his distinct autobiography – he refers himself as a second person – that tells the story of his mind’s development from a baby to become a successful writer.

This book is an unique form of autobiography.

So that’s my 5 favorite books of 2014. Please find more reviews on my Goodreads. 🙂

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